Welcome to the Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association

In 1976, the Georgia Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association was created by a small group of owners in the Atlanta area. Since that time, we have evolved into the Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association which has become a statewide (and beyond!) organization consisting of outstanding horses and people. We are able to enjoy our horses together in a variety of functions, from trail riding to showing. Our annual Open House and Fun Show kick off spring with the opportunity for our members and others to come out of hibernation and ride, ride, ride!

Our 2013 4 Beat Jubilee Show met all expectations with the promise of an even better turnout for 2014. From trail riding to Paso Fino shows, from clinics to parades, we are introducing more and more people to the wonderful world of the Paso Fino. As a group, we share our “Paso” experiences and information with each other as well as new and prospective owners in hopes of increasing the pleasure of owning and riding these fine horses. GPFHA prides itself on being a diverse group, all of whom have one thing in common: the love of the Paso Fino. More people than ever before are interested in the Paso Fino and want to be involved with our organization. GPFHA will be there to encourage and inform any and all who are interested in this wonderful breed.

Even though we know that the Association is a business, we will never loose sight of the fact that “it” is all about the Paso Fino, family and friends! GPFHA is alive and doing well! In the years to come, we hope to make more new friends as well as see those familiar faces. We will never forget our humble beginnings as it keeps us striving for the growth, preservation and future of the Paso Fino!

a fine Paso Fino gelding

Paso Fino

Los Caballos de Paso Fino

The Horse with the “Fine Step”

The Paso Fino Breed dates back to the time of Christopher Columbus when he came to the New World on his second voyage. It wasn’t until many years later (hundreds in fact!) that the Paso Fino was introduced to the United States. Around the 1940’s service men and women who were returning home brought along a new and spirited gaited horse. This horse was the Paso Fino.

This “new” yet very old breed is the combination of the Andalusian, the Spanish Barb (known for their hardiness) and the Spanish Jennet. The Jennet was best known for its comfortable saddle gait. The result was a horse that was sturdy, easy to keep and was able to pass along its unique four beat lateral gait to its offspring. These mounts proved to be extremely comfortable for all day riding. The Spanish Conquistadors names this horse “Los Caballos de Paso Fino”, the horse with the fine step.

The movement of the Paso Fino is a natural evenly spaced four beat lateral gait. The foot fall pattern is right rear, right front, left rear, left front, which create an evenly spaced four beat cadence. Because there is no break in the foot fall, there is no suspension in the stride as with a non-gaited breed. The result is a smooth comfortable ride that is like no other.

The gaits associated with the Paso Fino are the Classic Fino which is known for its slow forward progression with a rapid foot fall, presented with energy and collection. The Paso Corto can range from just faster than a walk to the speed of a trot. The Corto has proven to be an excellent trail gait for extended rides. The Paso Largo is the fastest of the four beat gaits and depending upon the ability of the horse to extend, the Largo may equal the speed of a canter or gallop. In addition to the four beat gaits, they can walk, canter, gallop and even run. It is that four beat gait which has attracted so many owners to the Paso Fino horse.

The Paso Fino is a sure footed athletic horse which has proven to be very intelligent and possesses a willing disposition. They are easy to handle on the ground yet still have the spirited movement under saddle. pasoFinoExample-History  The Paso is known for its brio, or heart and spirit. It allows them to move in the manner in which they were intended, with grace and beauty; controlled yet with animation and energy.

The average size of the Paso Fino is about 14.2 hands with the breed standard ranging from 13.2 hands to 15.2. They are well suited for a variety of activities from show to trail, endurance riding to barrel racing, pole bending to jumping. The “paso-bilities” are endless. The Paso Fino horse is truly a horse for all seasons and almost any activity.

For more information on this wonderful breed and for a test ride you will never forget, please feel free to contact any of the GPFHA members listed in the directory, one of the Board members or committee chairs. The best way to experience this breed is to take a ride. You, too, will be found wearing that famous Paso Fino smile in minutes!